The only place
that may hold the magic
of the dwelling of the sun

Its iron gates open up to the estate gardens and lead to the traditional country house. The interior brings together all the spirit of Cafayate: its dignified colonial architecture harmonizes with the extraordinary hand-crafted looms; the rustic furniture stands side by side with Salta's refined silverware. And all of this is framed by the peace and quiet of the patios, the warmth of the locals and the simplicity and elegance of good taste.

Perfect combination

rustic and elegant

Stylish furniture, loom-woven woolen rugs and floors of wood-fired ceramic tiles; all in an atmosphere of complete comfort.

The estate boasts 32 rooms and suites

that bring together the best of country style chic

A unique experience

To adventuresome wine lovers in search
of the tranquility of this exceptional corner of the world

Patios de Cafayate

a place that has been designed to capture
the spirit of the region